Product Development

Triune continually strives to develop new products and components for all of our trailer and custom vehicle product lines.

We are constantly searching and developing new ways to enhance all of our products. These innovations include new electronic and hydraulic technologies as well as lightweight composite materials and high-strength flexible adhesive products designed to replace mechanical fasteners.

Our expandable trailer/vehicle lines can be custom built to your dimensions with lengths that meet the Department of Transportation’s maximum limits. Working in conjunction with our clients, we strive to solve your unique challenges with over-sized equipment needs. We also offer over-sized lengths and widths for special use configurations.

Our experience also extends to designing extreme environment packages, off-road use, and air-transportable versions of niche vehicles. We manufacture trailers to CSA, CE (EU), and TUV specifications for overseas delivery; this includes dimensional restrictions and electrical power differences.

Triune offers many additional products and services to match our clients’ specific needs such as interior finishes, displays, exhibits, electronics, graphics, medical, and communications equipment. These products and services are priced as required and are not part of our overall base prices.

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