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Jan 9, 2017 | Madison Heights, Michigan
Triune Specialty Trailers Develops Largest, Most Advanced Mobile STEM Lab for MDBio Foundation

Local manufacturer Triune Specialty Trailers will deliver the country’s largest and most advanced mobile science laboratory this spring—a learning lab made for the MdBio Foundation, Inc., a Maryland-based nonprofit. This trailer, called the Mobile eXploration Lab (MXLab), will travel throughout the state of Maryland to deliver hands-on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education experiences to youth and teens.

Founded in 1991, MdBio provides students with access to advanced technology not available in schools and inspire them to pursue STEM careers. MdBio’s mobile laboratory program was started in 2003, and has served 140,000 students to date. The MXLab expands MdBio’s mobile laboratory student capacity by nearly 20 percent, accommodating a maximum of 42 students.  MXLab will serve approximately 10,000 students at 35 different high schools each year.  The MXLab also will be used to promote STEM industry at community events and provide professional development for educators.

“The Mobile eXploration Lab is a fun and engaging environment for students to explore science, technology and the lucrative career opportunities available to them,” said Brian Gaines, CEO of the MdBio Foundation. “Triune’s years of experience manufacturing high-end trailers helped us create an impressive, flexible vehicle that accommodates more students, provides a space for events, and capabilities to expand our curriculum.”

When traveling, the MXLab will look like a normal semitrailer. However, when parked, this trailer engages special hydraulic equipment to expand its interior space to three times its original size.  This unique design creates almost 1,000 square feet of laboratory learning space—enough room for more than 40 students, their teachers, MdBio’s instructors and high-tech equipment.

Students who visit the trailer may be introduced to MdBio’s long-standing curriculum focused in biology, chemistry and environmental science or engage in new activities, including data set modeling, integrated computing, cyber security and game-based learning. The new laboratory will offer interactive, flat-screen video displays, computational equipment and fold-away workstations to convert the space for large events, as well as an expected set of mobile laboratory amenities, such as laboratory workstations, electricity and water.

“Triune is a passionate supporter of STEM education and honored to be selected as the contractor to build this exceptional education and training lab,” said Harry Kurtz, president of Triune Specialty Trailers. “Producing these types of education outreach trailers for students and visitors alike is a source of great pride for us.”

For more information, visit the MdBio website.

About Triune Specialty Trailers
Triune Specialty Trailers is a state-of-the art specialty trailer manufacturing firm specializing in the design and development of mobile marketing, educational and functional trailers.  Triune is a proud supporter of STEM learning and works passionately to help organizations provide educational outreach programs for students and visitors through interactive and inspiring mobile education and training solutions. For more information, visit

About MdBio Foundation
MdBio Foundation is a charitable non-profit organization that provides innovative, effective, and experiential STEM education opportunities with a focus on bioscience.  The Foundation’s interdisciplinary approach uses science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to explore real-world, problem-centric curriculum that bridges school, community, health, and business. MdBio Foundation’s flagship education program MdBioLab, a mobile laboratory for high schools, has provided quality educational experiences to more than 130,000 students throughout the state of Maryland since its launch in 2003.  The Foundation also operates other celebrated STEM education programs such as the Young Science Explorers Program for middle school students, the Maryland BioGENEius Award, and Advancing Tomorrow’s Leaders in STEM (ATLAS) college and career symposia. For more information, visit


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