Build It and Go to Them

Build It and Go to Them

Build It and Go to Them 150 150 Triune Specialty Trailers MFG

Forget the ‘build it and they will come’ notion. You might be waiting a very long time. A better idea — Build it and go to them.

Triune Specialty Trailers will help you design a mobile solution with all the goodies you need to attract attention, gain new business and reach untapped audiences on their turf. Introduce your brand, market your products, promote your cause, create a classroom . . . the possibilities are endless.

A mobile solution allows you to reach and serve your audience in an exciting, hands-on manner unlike any other. With a customized, innovative trailer, you can easily transport information, products and teaching tools to create a one-of-a-kind, user-friendly, experiential space using functional, transportable rooms.

Consider some of these ways an organization can benefit from a customized mobile solution:

  • Experiential Solutions: Bring your niche experience to your niche market. Give your audiences the opportunity to step inside and truly understand what your organization has to offer. A highly customized trailer provides many options to showcase information about your business including flat screen televisions, wall infographics, interactive touch screens and product display areas. There is nothing like a hands-on experience to make a lasting impression. By taking your brand on the road, you will be able to conveniently deliver a one-of-a-kind experience to your customers.
    The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade used our experiential solution to create a mobile trailer with unique features that went above and beyond normal standards to reach their audience.
  • Educational Solutions: Create a traveling classroom or exhibition. A mobile solution allows cultural and trade organizations to pack, transport and display information that might otherwise be restricted to a classroom, exhibit or trade space. You’ll be able to reach fresh, underserved audiences and potential supporters by bringing your organization to previously inaccessible communities. A mobile solution can also be a great way to accommodate specialized classes for students by integrating equipment into this customized, interactive space.
    The Library of Congress used this educational solution to create a mobile museum to travel to rural areas that don’t have access to libraries and the Internet.
  • Functional Solutions: Create mobile training centers and work spaces. A mobile solution offers your business the ability to reach your employees wherever they are with options like portable training centers and even traditional workspaces. This includes desks, chairs, whiteboards and anything else you can think of in a basic office environment. Your customized trailer can also accommodate a mobile command center and be outfitted with the latest audio/visual technologies such as satellites, wireless connectivity and conference systems.
    Cingular used this functional solution as a command center equipped for an emergency response unit.

Let your audiences in on your business – literally Triune Specialty Trailers can help you make it happen. Contact us today to learn how.