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Triune Takes Exhibits, Displays, Marketing and PR on the Road


Mobile marketing, exhibit and display trailers can be an effective and creative way to generate interest, and to promote a product, service, brand or business.

Our double expandable trailer provides up to 1,000 square feet to create an interactive and personalized environment for visitors. A mobile trailer brings the message directly to target audiences, and provides a memorable experience that visitors will want to share with others.

Triune has an expansive range of trailer customizations that can meet a variety of needs:

  • satellites and high speed internet
  • temperature controlled interiors
  • touch screen TVs, bathrooms
  • modifications for an upper deck area or stage
  • eye-popping graphic wraps
  • and more!

Triune can also refurbish previously used trailers to fit current needs and ensure that trailers meet all DOT standards and requirements.

Contact us directly at (800) 431-1400 or to see if a Triune trailer is right for you.