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Inspiration from the “Love Kitchen” Trailer

Copyright 2015 Journal Media Group - Picture by Scott McIntyre

Copyright 2015 Journal Media Group – Picture by Scott McIntyre

The “Love Kitchen” is a semitrailer created by Little Caesars Pizza that travels across the country (and four provinces in Canada) to meet the needs of the hungry, the homeless and disaster survivors.

Since its start in 1985, the Love Kitchen has served over 6 million slices of pizza. Thirty years later, it still serves as an inspiration to others, including our own President, Harry Kurtz, who was once a pizza delivery boy himself.

“I remember seeing the Love Kitchen many years ago and thinking how it epitomizes ‘doing good while doing well,'” says Kurtz. “When you see the Love Kitchen–and if it is in your town you can’t miss it!–you see Little Caesars helping the community. When I saw the Love Kitchen, I started thinking about other creative uses for a trailer, from a humanitarian kitchen to a mobile classroom to a hands-on museum. A business idea was born.”

There are so many creative uses for a mobile trailer, and using one to spread goodwill and hope is an excellent example of corporate marketing that fills an important need in the community. How can one inspire you?

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