Triune Builds a Dependable “Workhorse” for DTE’s Toughest Field Jobs

Triune Builds a Dependable “Workhorse” for DTE’s Toughest Field Jobs

Triune Builds a Dependable “Workhorse” for DTE’s Toughest Field Jobs 150 150 Triune Specialty Trailers MFG


DTE Energy puts its field vehicles to the test on a daily basis. When DTE approached Triune Specialty Trailers about building a specialized trailer for their toughest field jobs, their requirements included the ability to face extreme weather conditions and challenging terrain as well as varied technical needs. Triune responded with a capable, efficient and powerful vehicle that aptly fits its nickname, the “Workhorse.”

Triune designed and built a 20-foot-long trailer that is industrious, dependable and tough – just like the farm horse after which it is nicknamed. It has the strength to pull heavy cable from pole to pole, tremendous payload capacity, and a spacious interior for carrying cables, spare parts and special tools.

The Workhorse is equipped with a spring-assist flip down door which allows cable to be pulled into the trailer through a 3,500 lb., 12-volt winch. The exterior storage compartments are coated with special high-impact resistant paint for added durability.

The trailer’s special features include (TAT) Triune Adhesive Technology, a reduction of steel to eliminate corrosion, full interior aluminum skin with numerous hooks for transport of materials, a rear pintel eye, an air line and electrical connections. It also has specialty exterior handles and seals to ensure longevity in the harsh environment. No matter the weather or the environment, the “Workhorse” performs.

Creating customized solutions is Triune’s specialty. Whether you’re looking for a mobile trailer with power for the big jobs or pizazz to draw attention to your product or cause, Triune has the experience, passion and talent to create it.