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Triune Builds a Trailer from Start to Finish!

“Each of our trailers are custom designed and built for long-term sustainability. These are hand-built with the finest craftsmanship to ensure safety, durability and an exceptional experience. Our dedication to quality allows us to execute exact specifications and our custom outfitting helps surpass customer expectations.”

– Harry Kurtz, CEO & President of Triune Specialty Trailers

“Triune prides itself on our quality craftsmanship, our relationship with clients and flexible project management. We work to exceed our clients’ expectations and provide noteworthy reliability. Triune uses an engineering staff that has been designing and manufacturing mobile expandable facilities for over 28 years. The commitment to quality is just not a statement, ‘It’s a way of Life’ for Triune Specialty Trailers.”

– Don Hunley, Vice President of Triune Specialty Trailers