Going Mobile in the Experience Economy

Going Mobile in the Experience Economy

Going Mobile in the Experience Economy 150 150 Triune Specialty Trailers MFG

Today’s consumers are forgoing buying “things” in favor of “having experiences.” Having experiences and positive interactions with a brand cultivates brand loyalty and sales success. Providing experiences is becoming an ever-larger piece of the marketing budget for companies across the board. At Triune, we are experts at designing and creating top-notch experiential marketing vehicles—we’ve been doing it for over 25 years. Harry Kurtz, president of Triune, shares his Top 6 “must-haves” for experiential marketing vehicles.

Top 6 Experiential Marketing “Must Haves:”

1. Ease of access – individuals of all abilities should have no trouble entering your vehicle and interacting with your brand. At Triune, we can install ramps, railings, wheelchair lifts, and flip-out extensions that allow your visitors full engagement with your brand.

2. Ease of set-up/transport – the best marketing vehicle in the world is useless if it is a hassle to transport and set-up. Triune’s expandable trailers are designed to be easily set-up by 1-2 people in 10 minutes.

3. Eye-catching graphic wraps and cosmetic details – whether you’re on the road or at a busy event like a conference, street fair or concert, it’s important to stand out. From graphic wraps and canopies to the lighting to the rims on the vehicle, we’ve got the latest in WOW factor.

4. Edgy Technology – consumers want the latest and greatest in technology. Lightning fast internet, touch-screens and virtual reality are all common installations in Triune vehicles.

5. “Sharability” – there’s one thing consumers love more than a great experience and that is the ability to share it instantly on social media. Make it easy for them with fun backdrops and photo booths for photo ops, bright, exciting interiors, colors and textures.

6. Comfort – it seems obvious but never skimp on comfort for your guests. Heating and cooling systems, proper lighting, bathroom facilities and/or an enjoyable place to rest or chat can make all the difference between a memorable experience and a fly-by visit.

At Triune, we been designing, engineering and manufacturing experiential marketing vehicles for decades. Our team has over 130 years of experience in the business, and we’re on top of the latest technology to customize any vehicle. If you’ve got an idea—or you need one—give us a call or visit our solutions gallery for more ideas and information.

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