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Triune Specialty Trailers

Customized mobile trailer solutions

Experiential Marketing Trailers

Triune’s cutting-edge marketing trailers are designed to promote your brand and create an exciting, hands-on atmosphere. In your mobilized marketing trailer, your audience will engage with—and form a lasting impression of—your products or services. We offer a wide variety of trailer design options to meet your exhibit display and experiential marketing trailer needs. Think big and get creative—Triune’s mobile solutions can help you achieve your marketing goals.

Example: Mitsubishi Electric Mobile Trailer

Educational & Training Trailers

A customized mobile classroom trailer is a forward thinking method to expand your reach. Mobile educational trailers are a cost-effective alternative to brick and mortar buildings; they contain the modern technology and convenience of a classroom while making learning more accessible to students in remote locations. Triune is stocked with design ideas to fit nearly every type of classroom or educational need.

Example: MdBio Foundation, Inc.’s STEM MXLab

Functional & Operational Trailers

A mobile environment allows you to respond to your organizational needs with flexibility—and speed. From mobile command centers and emergency units, to mobile repair and retail shops, to medical and military trailers—Triune can build out a customized solution to fit your functional needs.

Example: Cingular Emergency Response Unit

Triune Specialty Trailers:
An Introduction

MdBio Foundation,
Inc.’s MXLab

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About Our Company

We are a specialty trailer manufacturing firm specializing in the customized design and development of experiential, educational, and functional mobile trailers. We closely collaborate with our customers on every project to ensure the highest quality design, craftsmanship and customer service.


“Triune Manufacturing produces some of the most complex, tight, deadline projects I see. They consistently organize and provide the information we need to produce our portion of the project in a professional, timely fashion and coordinate all of the many elements necessary to deliver the project on time, every time. I’m constantly impressed with the degree of professionalism they bring to the table and the quality of the end product they deliver.”

– Jerry Feldman, Sign Text, Inc.