Triune Specialty Trailers

Visual Showcase

The Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency in Kalamazoo, Miichigan is ready to show off its new Discovery Lab, which is an experiential space for students 8 and older.

The mobile lab is built into a large trailer. It’s designed to bring exposure to design, machinist, welding, robotics and supply chain industries to elementary and middle schoolers.

Learning Undefeated - The Mobile Exploration Lab. The Mobile eXploration Lab (or MXLab) will provide a STEM based curriculum for students across Maryland to encourage an interested in STEM careers.

Educate Maine's Mobile BIOLAB - designed to bring stem education to students in the state of Maine. The state-of-the-art lab is a traveling trailer that will allow up to 24 students to work on various experiments and activities

Tallapoosa, Alabama - the Tallapoosa County School district now has a mobile classroom on wheels. This classroom is designed to introduce students to STEM with this 49 foot trailer.

Texas Department of Emergency Management -this Mobile Healthcare Trailer is a beacon of accessible and convenient medical care that travels directly to where it is needed. This innovative unit is a compact yet comprehensive solution designed to deliver healthcare services.

University of Alabama Birmingham - inside you'll find a meticulously designed interior optimized for efficiency and comfort. The spacious layout is divided into distinct areas, each dedicated to a specific aspect of healthcare delivery. Every detail has been thoughtfully curated to enhance the patient experience.