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Customized Mobile Trailer Solutions
Triune Specialty Trailers
Customized Mobile Trailer Solutions
Triune Specialty Trailers
Customized Mobile Trailer Solutions

Experiential Marketing Trailers

Triune’s cutting-edge marketing trailers are designed to promote your brand and create an exciting, hands-on atmosphere. In your mobilized marketing trailer, your audience will engage with—and form a lasting impression of—your products or services. We offer a wide variety of trailer design options to meet your exhibit display and experiential marketing trailer needs. Think big and get creative—Triune’s mobile solutions can help you achieve your marketing goals.

Example: Mitsubishi Electric Mobile Trailer

Educational & Training Trailers

A customized mobile classroom trailer is a forward thinking method to expand your reach. Mobile educational trailers are a cost-effective alternative to brick and mortar buildings; they contain the modern technology and convenience of a classroom while making learning more accessible to students in remote locations. Triune is stocked with design ideas to fit nearly every type of classroom or educational need.

Example: MdBio Foundation, Inc.’s STEM MXLab

Functional & Operational Trailers

A mobile environment allows you to respond to your organizational needs with flexibility—and speed. From mobile command centers and emergency units, to mobile repair and retail shops, to medical and military trailers—Triune can build out a customized solution to fit your functional needs.

Example: Cingular Emergency Response Unit

Triune Specialty Trailers: An Introduction

MdBio Foundation Inc.’s MXLab

About Our Company

We are a specialty trailer and vehicle firm specializing in the custom design and development of experiential, educational, and functional mobile trailers.

We closely collaborate with our customers on every project to ensure the highest quality design, craftsmanship, and customer service.

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From Our Blog

To Fill the Skills Gap, Educate Young People About Careers in the Trades—and Then Train Them 150 150 Triune Specialty Trailers MFG

To Fill the Skills Gap, Educate Young People About Careers in the Trades—and Then Train Them

By Kevin Ketels, Triune Specialty Trailers

Our country has a skills gap problem. It is predicted that by 2020, the U.S. will have 32 million unfilled positions in the trades. To fix this problem, to fill these jobs and to keep our economy rolling, manufacturers and other industries in need of these workers must encourage—via education–more young people to pursue careers in the skilled trades, and then facilitate the necessary skills training and education.

I recently had an opportunity to talk with Jennifer Emerick, Senior Project Manager for
The Christman Company. Christman Company, along with partner L.S. Brinker, is overseeing construction of the new Wayne State University Mike Ilitch School of Business. The 120,000-square-foot building will serve 3,000 students and is the first Wayne State facility built outside of the main Midtown campus. Jennifer oversees the project and manages the site including schedule, budget and logistics. This is her fourth construction project at Wayne State and Jennifer is enthusiastic about the construction industry outlook in Detroit: “Things are booming. It’s a highly energized environment and a rebirth for the city. There is a lot of good energy.”

Jennifer told me that for all the projects she manages, including this one, she sees a labor shortage across the board in the skilled trades. “There are not enough bodies to fill the open positions,” she told me. In her 20 years in the business, she has seen first-hand how the increasing numbers of Baby Boomer retirements are causing labor shortages in the skilled trades.

An Association of General Contractors (ACG) survey revealed that 72% of firms predict a shortfall of qualified workers. Thirty-two percent of billion-dollar manufacturers estimate that they will lose over $100 million over the next five years or so because of Baby Boomer retirements. It’s a trend that will continue yet can be stemmed with the creation of a new flow of skilled trade workers who are excited to not just work, but to develop a career and a good living. According to Jennifer, “We as an industry need to do a better job of letting people know what a career [in construction and the skilled trades] is like…we need to get the younger generation excited about building and creating something.”

As Jennifer confirmed from her experience, the construction industry is booming, especially in Detroit. Jennifer spoke of the energy and the long-term consistency of the trade. “Construction is not going to go away. There will always be a need to build new things and renovate older buildings,” she said. As for a career, she told me, “It’s a great career. It’s something to be excited about—a fast-paced industry that’s never boring.” So how can we spread the word—about construction, and about manufacturing and the skilled trades in general?

At Triune, we’re a big proponent of education and training for the skilled trades. We have built education trailers for welding, CNC programming and for STEM education. In addition to providing the necessary training, vehicles like this are used to get out into communities, to job fairs and community events, to educate the public about different career options.

At Triune, we’ve been a part of collaborations between local colleges and economic development agencies, such as in the development of the Fab Lab, a successful training and education vehicle used to provide hands-on training on CNC programming. CNC programming is an area in which the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts large growth , and many companies are desperate for skilled and trained employees. The Fab Lab trailer travels all over Northern Michigan to educate people about CNC programming and provide hands-on training. It’s been a huge success and graduates of the program are getting jobs right after getting their CNC programming certification.

Vehicles like the Fab Lab, that are outside of the “brick and mortar box,” are part of a new wave of education and training that brings the skills on the road and to the people. The MXLab, a Triune-built STEM education trailer, brings STEM education to more than 50,000 students per year in the state of Maryland. Introducing children and young people to new ideas that not only interest them, but can provide lasting employment. It can change the game for manufacturers and other industries that rely on skilled workers.

The Triune-built PSE&G welding training vehicle allowed PSE&G, a natural gas utility, to provide employee training at their various job sites so that workers did not have to travel and miss work in order to attend a training session. Hands-on training and education trailers are just one of the many ways that manufacturers and employers can not only train, but educate young people about the value of a career in the trades, and recruit new workers.

Collaborations between community colleges, government agencies, large employers in construction and manufacturing, as well as more outreach to students about the value of these careers are just some of the ways we can address the shortage of skilled trade workers. Manufacturers, educators, unions and agencies need to introduce young people to this career path, to see the potential, and get them trained and ready to enter the workforce. The future is bright for our industry if we can proactively educate and train the next generation of workers. As Jennifer told me, “It’s a good career — it’s something to be excited about.” I couldn’t agree more.

Pink Pump’s Mobile Boutique
Brings Fashion on the Road
150 150 Triune Specialty Trailers MFG

Pink Pump’s Mobile Boutique
Brings Fashion on the Road

Pink Pump is the lifestyle boutique for women who love fashion in Metropolitan Detroit, operating out of storefronts in Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, Ann Arbor, West Bloomfield, Troy and Royal Oak, Michigan. Shop owners Kelly and Vincent Kirkwood wanted to expand their presence and bring fashion “to the people,” so they called on Triune Specialty Trailers to help them build an eye-catching and effective mobile retail showcase.

“We created the Pink Pump Mobile Fashion Truck experience to continue to be competitive and further engage our customers in the changing retail world,” Kelly says. “The landscape of retail has changed – an increase in online shopping and the closing of major retailers propelled us to raise the bar for Pink Pump customers.” The Mobile Fashion truck is nearly 200 square feet of mobile retail space, where customers can come in and see a varied selection of the latest Pink Pump merchandise. One of the main benefits of the initiative is to provide online shoppers with a hands-on experience, connecting in-person them with the Pink Pump brand.

The Kirkwoods say that theme of the truck, Grit & Glamour, is synonymous with the city of Detroit. “Detroiters have a way of figuring out how to get it done by any means necessary all while having finesse, swag and a touch of glamour,” says Kelly. “The fashion truck takes on the exact same posture through the buying process, its style aesthetic, and how it’s staffed. We learn and evolve from the uniqueness of our customers. The fashion truck affords us the opportunity to target one community at a time with the purposeful intent to create an attitude of harnessing your own style.”

Video courtesy of WXYZ-TV Detroit Youtube

According to Vincent, Triune Specialty Trailers flawlessly executed the vision for Pink Pump. “We could not have asked for a better partner in bringing the Pink Pump mobile vision to life. Triune has a long history of building state-of-the-art exhibit trailers for large companies across the country. Although the Pink Pump mobile boutique was a small project, they approached it with as much detail and care as they would any large vehicle. We were truly grateful for that type of service and professionalism.”

Metro Detroit‘s mobile boutique scene is still relatively tiny. Many Metro Detroiters have not experienced a mobile fashion truck. The unique concept and eye-catching graphic wrap (pink, of course!) create a stir wherever the truck goes. “When customers see the truck they are usually shocked, excited and eager to shop,” Kelly says.

The Mobile Fashion Truck travels to women’s empowerment events, farmers’ markets, ladies’ nights and private functions. It reaches up to several hundred people a day at many events, and has been featured in the news on WXYZ-TV Detroit, Fox2Detroit and the Detroit News. Kelly and Vincent are thrilled with the visibility, the brand promotion and the new customers gained through their mobile fashion retail vehicle. According to Vincent, “The low financial overhead, branding opportunity, sales increase, and fun we have on the road is well worth the investment.”

Going Mobile in the Experience Economy 150 150 Triune Specialty Trailers MFG

Going Mobile in the Experience Economy

Today’s consumers are forgoing buying “things” in favor of “having experiences.” Having experiences and positive interactions with a brand cultivates brand loyalty and sales success. Providing experiences is becoming an ever-larger piece of the marketing budget for companies across the board. At Triune, we are experts at designing and creating top-notch experiential marketing vehicles—we’ve been doing it for over 25 years. Harry Kurtz, president of Triune, shares his Top 6 “must-haves” for experiential marketing vehicles.

Top 6 Experiential Marketing “Must Haves:”

1. Ease of access – individuals of all abilities should have no trouble entering your vehicle and interacting with your brand. At Triune, we can install ramps, railings, wheelchair lifts, and flip-out extensions that allow your visitors full engagement with your brand.

2. Ease of set-up/transport – the best marketing vehicle in the world is useless if it is a hassle to transport and set-up. Triune’s expandable trailers are designed to be easily set-up by 1-2 people in 10 minutes.

3. Eye-catching graphic wraps and cosmetic details – whether you’re on the road or at a busy event like a conference, street fair or concert, it’s important to stand out. From graphic wraps and canopies to the lighting to the rims on the vehicle, we’ve got the latest in WOW factor.

4. Edgy Technology – consumers want the latest and greatest in technology. Lightning fast internet, touch-screens and virtual reality are all common installations in Triune vehicles.

5. “Sharability” – there’s one thing consumers love more than a great experience and that is the ability to share it instantly on social media. Make it easy for them with fun backdrops and photo booths for photo ops, bright, exciting interiors, colors and textures.

6. Comfort – it seems obvious but never skimp on comfort for your guests. Heating and cooling systems, proper lighting, bathroom facilities and/or an enjoyable place to rest or chat can make all the difference between a memorable experience and a fly-by visit.

At Triune, we been designing, engineering and manufacturing experiential marketing vehicles for decades. Our team has over 130 years of experience in the business, and we’re on top of the latest technology to customize any vehicle. If you’ve got an idea—or you need one—give us a call or visit our solutions gallery for more ideas and information.

Experiential Learning in the MdBio Foundation’s Mobile eXploration Lab

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